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Harold Monfils

Harold Monfils

Director, producer & writer

Harold Monfils is a multi-disciplinary director and producer, with a 30-year career of international exposure.


He has the rare talent of being both a fire starter and a long distance runner, inspiring projects and following them all the way to final work of art.


He began his career in Mexico, serving coffee at an international advertising agency at the age of 17. Through the years his love for travel has led him to shoots in over 20 countries, and 5 continents, working with a diverse range of cultures and people.


Specialising in people, stories and the spectacularly beautiful, he has made films ranging from 5 seconds to 100 minutes, gaining international recognition and a wallpaper of awards.


He directed the award-winning feature documentary ‘Laya Project’, a visual musical journey through the 2004 Asian tsunami-affected countries.

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